the webcomic about the lives of two flea-bitten mutts.

Chase is a sly, sneaky and very cunning mongrel. He came to Daniel as a puppy from an animal shelter, and quickly learned the ways of the forest where the cabin resides. He owns the cabin [or so he thinks] and, like his canine co-conspiritor, is always on the lookout for a feline to harrass. He is witty and always quick with a clever comeback. Throw Chase a stick and, true to his name, he will chase it to the edge of the earth if he must. Loyal, loving and altogether a cool companion and tricky mutt.

Riley, much like his canine compadre, is another tricky devil and also delights in torturing the cat. Unlike Chase, however, he is not the brightest bulb on the tree. A couple of french fries short of a happy meal, Riley is funny in his unique, quirky sort of way. He often says things out of the blue that make little or no sense. And he is rather concieted. But a good belly rub will set him straight.

Don't let that sweet face fool you; Willow is an absolute terror. Always on the lookout for a certain renegade rat, Willow is often harrased by the dogs in the cabin. Not as though she cannot dish it out. Much like a cat, she tries desperately to appear dainty and majestic, but often-times her true, feline high-strung nature shines through, sually at the worst times.

Basil is a ex-pet rat that lives in the cabin. He makes his nest in the walls and comes out from time to time to grab a bite. While Willow is always hunting him, Basil has two dogs on his side: they even appear to like him more than Willow. He returns the favors by not leaving his rat pellets all over the house. He is extremely kind and gregarious, and watch out if you have a cookie in your hand [or paw].

Iggy is the cutest puppy perhaps in existance. He lives with Daniel's sister, Celeste, but visits the cabin from time to time and makes life living hell for Riley, who is more than a little jealous of his cuteness. Chase takes him under his, er, paw, and uses his wise-cracking and wit to entertain the young pup. Iggy himself is pretty nieve, but loved by [almost] all.

Daniel is the clueless guardian of the cabin and all of it's furry inhabitants. A gentle, earth-loving vegetarian hippie, he spends his days sleeping and "being one with nature", and his nights working on his own garden and meditating. While the animals think he is a bit off of his rocker, they don't complain:afterall, he is the only one who can feed them.

Comic copyright 2002 Gina DiGregorio. Any resemblance to any characters [real or otherwise] is entirely coincidential. Feel free to contact me. Special thanks to Bryan for helping to set up the strips.