the webcomic about the lives of two flea-bitten mutts.

Well, here I am. Elusive, innit? I am the creator of "Fleabags". I suppose a little bit about me is in order in an "about me" section, no?

I have been drawing since I was four years old. My parents bought me a "Uncle Fred" tape that taught kids how to draw. I watched that tape over and over again until it broke. From then on, I always drew something. I am a huge animal lover [and animal rights activist], and dogs have always been the one thing that I found easiest to draw, and the most rewarding.

And then, for a while, I stopped. I was in a rut and severely depressed, so naturally, drawing was the last thing on my mind. But once I started again, it was like visiting an old friend. I have never taken an art class, thus the comic is less than refined. I'm sure if I had [or ever decide to], I would improve greatly. But for now, your stuck with this crap ;).

if you want to learn more personal information about me, then i suppose you'd have to take a gander at my personal website.

Comic copyright 2002 Gina DiGregorio. Any resemblance to any characters [real or otherwise] is entirely coincidential. Feel free to contact me. Special thanks to Bryan for helping to set up the strips.