the webcomic about the lives of two flea-bitten mutts.

"Fleabags" is loosley based on a psuedo-comic series I started when I was ten years old called "Sheepy & Sam". For the sake of background info, let me tell you a little about "Sheepy & Sam".

Sheepy was an Old English Sheep dog, and Sam was a German Shepard. Much like "Fleabags", the comic [which I drew in a notebook for myself only, where each page was one panel of the strip] was about the life of two dogs. Weird things happened then, as now. Just a lot of crazy mishaps and such.

So what was different? Besides the character names and designs, there was two cats in "Sheepy & Sam", only one in "Fleabags". The owner was never found in "Sheepy & Sam", and there was most certainly no rat [Basil is based on my rats].

The central ideas, however, is the same. Goofy exploits of animals. Simple, yet sweet.

Most of my "artwork" was lost after a flood we had in our basement a few years ago, but I did manage to find a few VERY poor quality photos of the early Chase, then known as Sam, for you:

Here is Daniel with Sam, though I don't know how old this is.

And Sam looking a lot more like Chase, but not quite there yet.

Comic copyright 2002 Gina DiGregorio. Any resemblance to any characters [real or otherwise] is entirely coincidential. Feel free to contact me. Special thanks to Bryan for helping to set up the strips.